Our Firm was established at the end of the Fifties by Attorney at Law Mr. Gennaro Zanfagna. Born in Naples in 1930, Gennaro Zanfagna graduated from University of Milan School of Law in 1955 and developed a strong expertise in cases in front of the Supreme Court. Member of a family who enjoys a long tradition in the legal field, he focused his career in the areas of Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Banking and Bankruptcy Law.

In 1990 his son Renato Zanfagna - following in his father’s footsteps, who introduced him to the legal profession since an early age - earned his Law Degree from the University of Milan School of Law and in 1993 passed first try the Italian Bar Exam -by the Milan Court of Appeal - ranking as one of the first ten best new lawyers of that year out of a total of 1,450.

Pragmatism and confidentiality are the two core values on which our Firm always bases his relationship with the Client.

Attorney at Law Renato Zanfagna in 2003 took over the Law Firm founded by his father and thanks to his family’s long tradition and extensive experience in the legal field since then guarantees legal services of the highest quality.

Reliability, dynamism and strong dedication to the Client are the main traits of Renato Zanfagna and his team, ensuring at all times the best and most appropriate legal advice and protection, enabling our Law Firm in Via Manzoni to be considered a point of reference by its Clientele, mostly composed of important Banking Groups and Credit Institutions.

Via Manzoni a Milano

Art, passion and profession

And then there’s the love for fine arts; a longstanding passion inherited by Renato Zanfagna from his great grandfather: Giacomo Jucker, a renowned textile businessman of Swiss heritage - a brilliant patriarch who dedicated his life to his beloved family and business.

Moved by his passion for art, Giacomo Jucker soon became a patron and focused his attention on Italian painters of the second half of the Nineteenth Century, and in particular on the famous movement of the so called “Macchiaioli”.

In the years between 1940 and 1942 Giacomo Jucker formed his own private collection composed of over eighty paintings, which in 2016 have been displayed in an important exhibition in Poldi Pezzoli Museum of Milan, titled “The glamour of the Macchiaioli, in the private collection of Giacomo and Ida Jucker”.

Fond of contemporary art, Renato Zanfagna has merged his passion for art with his profession and developed a significant expertise in wealth management - with a special focus on works of art and in general in large estates, their transfer and any related legal aspect of their management - providing assistance to domestic and international art galleries, to companies involved in the manufacture and trade of luxury goods and to wealthy households in any aspect concerning the defense and development of their properties, both on the national and the international market.


Avvocato Renato Zanfagna

Renato Zanfagna


Mr. Renato Zanfagna’s practice focuses on Banking Law, Bankruptcy Law and Real Estate, with special focus on Wealth Management and covers a wide range of development-related representations, including Art Galleries, Companies manufacturing and trading luxury goods and private individuals.


Avvocato Tito Zanfagna

Tito Zanfagna


Mr. Tito Zanfagna’s expertise concentrates in Corporate Law, Banking Law (with special focus on projects involving peer to peer landing platforms –“P2P”), Commercial Law and Bankruptcy Law; his latest representations also include a wide range of Real Estate developments matters.


Avvocato Giulia Di Martino

Giulia Di Martino


Mrs. Di Martino’s practice include a range of Civil Law matters, with special focus on defending action concerning Banking Law, Bankruptcy Law and civil enforcements. Mrs. Di Martino also heads the Firm’s Litigation team..


Chiara Fabiani

Chiara Fabiani


Miss. Fabiani’s experience is focused on Civil Law matters, in particular on cases involving Contracts, Real Estate and civil enforcements.


Filippo Gambini Dottore Commercialista

Filippo Gambini

Accountant and Tax Advisor

Auditor, chartered accountant, administrative and tax consultant.


Enrico Zanfagna Dottore Commercialista

Enrico Zanfagna

Accountant and Tax Advisor

Mr. Enrico Zanfagna’s expertise focuses on Accounts Auditing, tax and corporate revenue advisory. He also enjoys a broad experience in the area of tax controversy and litigation; with a special focus on complex tax issues including domestic and foreign tax credits, indirect taxes and VAT.


Avvocato Virginia Isabella

Virginia Isabella

Attorney-at-Law, LL.M.

Mrs. Isabella represents domestic and international clients in complex litigation and arbitration involving a wide range of commercial and civil matters, including breach of contracts, trademarks, bankruptcy proceedings and joint ventures and partnership disputes.



Cristina Barbaresco



Giada De Crescenzo



Mara  D'Addona


Stefania Graziano



Avv. Renato Zanfagna


Specializzazione specifica nel Wealth Managment, garantendo assistenza a Gallerie d’Arte, Imprese che operano e producono beni di Lusso e a clientela privata.


Valentina Fasan

Dott.ssa Valentina Fasan

Storica dell'arte, Curatrice e Art Consultant


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Real Estates

Our Firm advises clients on the full array of complex issues concerning Real Estate, with a special focus on advisory in negotiations concerning development, fraction and acquisition of estates, in Italy and abroad, including representation in any phase of the negotiations and in general the relationship with domestic and international property funds.

Civil Law and Civil Procedure

Alongside its practice in the banking and financial field, the Firm enjoys a significant expertise in civil and bankruptcy matters.

Banking Law

The Firm’s practice focuses on Banking and Financial Law, representing a wide variety of clients including investment and commercial banks, finance and real estate companies, private investment funds and other institutional lenders, investors and financing sources, providing both advice on financing transactions and representation to borrowers and issuers in their relationships with the relevant banks and the financing sources.

Social lending - Crowdfunding

Tito Zanfagna, who closely cooperates with Renato Zanfagna, has developed a significant expertise in the development and management of an IT platform dedicated to private investments so called “social lending” or “crowdfunding”. The new platform, to be named “MOTUS QUO”, will create a safe space where entrepreneurs can ask for capital and individuals invest in their projects, granting adequate tools to minimize the risk of insolvency or late paybacks.

Crowdfunding is an innovative phenomenon in rapid growth, as it consists in an efficient, reliable and profitable method of raising capital through the collective effort of a large number of individual investors, so as to become a true and proper financial model.

Moreover, the new MOTUS QUO platform will allow investors also to search, locate and invest in consumer loans of other individuals.

This new platform aims to act as a search engine for both the consumer loans and the individuals who wish to invest on such loans making, at the same time, such market transparent. As a consequence, the fluctuations of the rates of the money will tend to reflect its actual supply and demand performance.

Bankruptcy Law and Corporate Restructuring

Renato Zanfagna’s expertise also focuses on Bankruptcy Law, in which he has developed an important experience. Mr. Zanfagna has been appointed many times as Receiver; as Judicial Auditor or as Liquidator by the Milan Trial Court in major bankruptcy proceedings.

Private Clients/Wealth Management

Over the years the years the Firm has developed an extensive experience in Wealth Management and in all aspects of administration of private assets and luxury goods.

  • Administration, planning and preservation of family wealth, including any issue relating its transfer and protection inter vivos and mortis causa.
  • Representation and advice to Art Galleries.
  • Representation and advice to industries trading and manufacturing luxury goods.
  • We also address our private clients’ specific needs relating to special assets, such as art collections and real estate, offering considerable experience and advice on their preservation and development on both the domestic and international market.


ARTWORK ON STAGE® is a protocol part of the i-AM Foundation edited by Valentina Fasan in collaboration with Renato Zanfagna.

The i-AM Foundation is an intellectual institution container with philanthropic purposes for which each and practical action performed by a patron, is made available to the community.

As part of the research fields of the i-AM Foundation we have developed and certified this new protocol, which aims to create for each work of art a professional support by means of updated and authoritative news and information.

Our purpose is to draw up a detailed and exhaustive dossier, able verify and certify genesis, structure, history and legal ownership of the work of art.

The editorial style is synthetic and investigative: it covers research sources, subjects, places, images, texts and testimonies concerning the artwork, and every single piece of its history and ownership is accurately screened, from the author to the current owner.

The research leads to a final approach to the artwork complete with every legal, historical, bibliographical and commercial aspect of it, included, if required, an evaluation.

All data collection activities, information and descriptions collected are also made public through a dedicated publishing line, available on the website of Zanfagna Law Firm.

The choice of online publication of the data is due to the aim of promoting further research and opportunities of dialogue with the environment, consistently with the natural vocation of the i-AM Foundation in sharing information to make them available in an open source dynamic.

The numerous publications on the ARTWORK ON STAGE® circuitry are developed independently of each other, that is they are not bound to the contents of one another, but they are linked only to the general guidelines of each single project, in accordance with the policies of an accurate and neutral study approach.


The protocol provides for the examination of the work of art through a series of individual steps, to get to create an exhaustive STORY TELLER covering the genesis, the structure and the history of the individual artwork. The aim is to deliver a safe and exhaustive guidance service to those who want to approach the management - the sale – or the purchase of an artistic heritage or individual works of art.

The protocol ARTWORK ON STAGE® of the i-AM Foundation edited by Dr. Mrs. Valentina Fasan, in collaboration with Mr. Renato Zanfagna of Zanfagna Law Firm, covers all the complementary elements of an artwork (such as authorship; former ownerships; history; exhibitions/bibliography and trading path).

This is how the work dossier is created, completed with all is needed to lead the Collector in the proper management of the artwork and increase of its value in the market.

The historical/artistic research area

  • Control of the identity of the artwork and verification of the authenticity of all the related documentation
  • Authorship of the artwork in reasoned Catalogues or Archives concerning the artist or institutions proving the origin of the artwork within the artistic production of the author in question [IDENTITY]
  • Study and research of the documents relating to the biography and the history of the work of art [BIOGRAPHY]
  • Research of the provenance of the artwork
  • List of exhibitions [ON STAGE]
  • Publications list
  • Articles or interviews with the artist where the artwork appears cited [FOCUS ON]
  • Photographic material relate to the above sources
  • Bibliography


  • The research is drawn up in a sixteenth or thirty-second, depending on the material examined and it is then published online on the website of the Zanfagna Law Firm.
  • The editorial style is concise, investigative; all the sources of research, subjects, places, images, texts and testimonies are cited and made available.
  • The numerous publications on the ARTWORK ON STAGE® circuitry are developed independently of each other, that is they are not bound to the contents of one another, but they are linked only to the general guidelines of each single project, in accordance with the policies of an accurate and neutral study approach.

Art market area

  • History of the artwork on the market [HISTORY]
  • Research of value estimations at auctions or, where possible, in art galleries
  • Valuation from a top auction house

Legal Area

  • Verification of compliance with the applicable law and rules; legal advice on the related contracts and agreements to guarantee proper management or purchase/sell of works of art
  • Control and inspection of origins and history of ownership of the work of art
  • Contracts and agreements (mandate to sell - purchase and sale of works of art - storage - housing – insurance options)

Presentation / Exhibition

• Zanfagna Law Firm provides a dedicated room in Milan at Via Manzoni 17, for presentations to small groups of works of art and of research cases for patrons, collectors and for the “Activated Members” of the i-AM Foundation.





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